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Monday, October 01, 2007

In the ghetto...

Got off to a good start working out this week, running 10ks on Sunday and Monday, and getting in a weight lifting session on Sunday as well. I do need to get some new running shoes so I should probably get going on that one of these days. Seems like I even did at least an Ironman worth of miles of each event during September, so I guess that is good.

Weekend was good. Went to the dog park after work on Friday which was fun. Then I made a couple calls to Riz and Hez to continue or euchre rivalry, Jess and I swept once again. We also played some Boggle and Blockus and Oh Hell, all the classic 4 player games. Saturday I got up early for some basketball. I’ve been playing really well lately and that trend continued. After some grocery shopping I took the dogs to the park. It was insane, Chili played with a St Bernard puppy that was full of energy. We were about to leave and then an English Bulldog came and Chili just went to town some more and then we mixed in a Pitbull/Bulldog mutt mix and it was on. Good times. We then did a lot of work around the house and went to Goodwill with a car load of stuff. There goes about 5 years worth of my wardrobe, guess I’ll have to keep my weight down. Watched the Badgers (which was an epic 4.5 hour battle) and then Jess and I just didn’t feel like doing anything…so we didn’t. Got up Sunday with my paper and coffee and then did the aforementioned weight/running workout and then off to Jess’ parents. Watched the Packers, came home and took the dogs to the park (post Packers is the best time, everyone goes) and then back to Jess’ parents as they just got back from a 2 week vacation in Greece and we got to take in a 2000 photo slide show. And I survived! It was actually really interesting; Greece is so unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, a different world from what I know. They had a great time, so that’s awesome!

Another weekend, same story with fantasy football. Already lost in one league and am on the verge of losing in my other one. Sorry if you are in the RFFL league with me, but this will be my last year. The Mundy league is much more fun (there actually seems like a point beyond money) so that’s all for me. Plus the RFFL league is ran by some random guy named Russ. Never heard of him. On the plus side my teams all won yesterday (my favorite top 3 football and top 2 baseball) so life is good in that regard.

One not so good thing about my weekend though: Sunday morning I get into my car and someone had uninstalled my XM radio, but it was sitting, complete, on the passenger side seat inside my car. Odd. Turns out they tried to steal it but couldn’t get the antenna so they left the whole thing. Stealing XM radios is stupid, I can report it as stolen and no one can ever use the unit again not to mention, if they try to activate it they can get into trouble. At least the thief was smart enough not to rip out a bunch of wires (my XM was stolen in 2004 by people who had no idea) and left the whole set-up for me to reinstall. I’ve got to invest in a nice softball bat, man I’d love to go Tanya Harding on someone who tried to steal my stuff.

Now it’s Monday, and it sure is a Monday. Busy week though, which is good and bad. I think the only evening in at least the next 8 that we don’t have plans is Tuesday (tomorrow) so I’ll welcome a relaxing day that day. So here’s to being busy. No slowing down in October and probably not in November. Here’s to January!!!


  • What kind of neighborhood do you live in? It's almost as if one family moved out and you hit the tipping point where the entire neighborhood fell off a cliff.

    Doesn't your car have an alarm?

    By Anonymous Out of the ghetto..., at 10/02/2007 10:36 AM  

  • I'd like to know where Chili was when your car was getting burgled.

    By Blogger Mike, at 10/02/2007 9:48 PM  

  • When I was a child we used to make our clubs out of the old hickory handles from our splitting mauls. If you get real creative you can drill a hole in the hitting end and fill it with lead (from melted split shot sinkers). That gives it some extra uummphh. I wouldn't recommend aiming above the neck though, it makes kind of a sickening thump sound/feeling on impact when you do that. Stick below the neck, it's crisper sound/feeling.

    By Anonymous kelson, at 10/05/2007 3:43 PM  

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