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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Shawn Merriman and Stephen Jackson are featured in the new Nike ads. They are shown either tackling opponents or running around/through opponents. Oh yeah, and they are playing against actual NFL teams. It’s funny in the commercial, Merriman tackles a quarterback from the Patriots who are 3-0 and throttled the Chargers a couple weeks ago. And Stephen Jackson (now injured) of the 0-3 Rams runs through 4 teams that are a combined 9-3 (Packers, Vikings, Steelers and Seahawks.) Seems like that ad makes added motivation for the other teams. I hate Merriman and was prepared to hate him on Sunday when he played the Packers. One problem, I didn’t even notice him on the field. Overrated hype. Played part of last year on the roids, got suspended, then came back with a chip on his shoulder, good year. Not so much this year.

I hate fantasy football, I just can’t catch a break. I decided to play in two leagues this year (mistake) and am now 1-5. The problem is, although my teams both have issues, both should be solid. Last week I ran into a team that not only had Donovan McNabb but also Brian Westbrook. I fared not much better in my other league where I ran into the Brady/Moss combo.

I do love football though, I just can’t get enough of it this fall. I love jerseys too! Like the gem above I captured in Breckenridge this summer!


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