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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Taco Tuesday.

Weekend was fun! Friday I made my return to bowling as part of the team called the Munsons. My average after week 1 should be 154, I believe I bowled a 464 series. Which was pretty sweet, and almost scary since I missed quite a few shots. I guess I did have more strikes than usual but I opened my third game with 3 straight 9 opens so there is room for improvement.

Saturday opened up with some basketball. For some reason I played really well again. Got home and cleaned up and then we met some friends down at the Farmers Market. Had some cheese bread (I said eating better above, not eating well) and then we went out for brunch at the Old Fashioned. Went home and got ready for having some people over that night and then watched the Brewers blow yet another game. Watched the Badgers pull out a tough one that night and played some games. Good times!

Sunday was laid back. Coffee and a newspaper and then some grocery shopping opened up the day. Then I got both my fantasy football teams ready to play. Four sporting events of interest started basically simultaneously at noon. I soon realized the Lions were going to get smoked so we watched the Packers game and Brewers game with Nascar on the flip channel on commercials. Brewers blow another one. Packers did awesome though, so that was sweet! My fantasy teams played well but bad luck plagued me once again, running into two very hot teams. Two more losses, 1-5 on the season. Went to the dog park after the game, it was fun, lots of good and fun dogs! Then we did some errands, hit some JT Whitneys and then I fell asleep on the couch. Good times!
Oh what a last week it was. I ran a marathon of miles (26.2 to the 10th of a mile) and tried to keep variety. Speaking of variety, I went vegetarian for four days last week. 96 hours between meat eatings. The first 36 hours were unintentional and then it just kept working out that way. And you know what I killed it with? A hot dog. I even went another 24 hours without meat after the hot dog but then Sunday I was back on the meat train. Although today is posing to be a meat free day as well, protein shake for lunch (after lifting) and I have an open container of pasta sauce at home so probably some pasta for supper. I’ve been trying to eat better and I didn’t really have any healthy meat around the house like chicken breasts.

Now it's Tuesday morning. I hope all is well out there!


  • You all have a thriving business with shipping firms over there at Pacific right? You should quick ship jen and I some cheezy bread in some sort of warm, anti-stale box or soemthing (i'll let you figure out the details). That's be pretty badass

    By Anonymous kelson, at 9/25/2007 5:23 PM  

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