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Friday, October 05, 2007

Another boring post...

Why? Because sometimes art emulates life. My week so far? Monday was fun, we went out for Beth’s birthday to PF Changs. It was pretty decent, but I am glad I checked their website before hand. Lots of their entrees are upwards of 2000 calories and over 100g of fat. I’ve got a name for things like that, I call them nachos! I went with a sensible chicken chow mein. Then we played some scattergories and I washed that down with some Ice Cream cake (a much better source of calories.) Went home only to watch the single best baseball game I’ve seen this decade, and the Rockies won! Tuesday we went to the dog park, only to get caught in the rain. But it was still a blast. Came home and we caught up on some DVR TV. Wednesday was more of the same, except it was perfect dog park weather and then Chili had his class, which he once again excelled in. Imagine how awesome he’d be if we actually worked with him outside of class? Yesterday was exciting, we got to leave work early for a scavenger hunt on State St. called Amazing Race. That was a blast, we don’t know who won (I am doubting it was us, but we should be in the top third or so) but it was fun to run around, eat some tacos and then party afterwards at the Angelic. Good times! Now it’s Friday and I am through the week. What a long week it was though but it's nice that it's over.

Weekend should be good! Bowling on Friday, basketball, mountain biking at some point, Packers, Badgers, chilling who knows what else! Lately I’ve just been super-hungry. I haven’t really acted upon the urge but man I just wanna eat! Today’s craving is Red Robin (my crave flirted with Taco Bell for a bit but went back to Red Robin.) Yesterday it was Ian’s Mac & Cheese Pizza. Next week should also be decent, or interesting, or some combination of the two. Which is good, I could really use a decent week. Well that’s all I’ve got right now, if you read this far you should be commended.


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