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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's about the boxers

Life has been crazy lately. Work has been boring despite having too much work to do which is a really bad combination. But most of life has been about the boxer.

Last Wednesday- Dog park with Stryker and Lola (and owners). The usual. Then Chili’s class.
Thursday- Met Max (and owner) out at the dog park. It’s been months since we last saw Max, but he is an absolutely beautiful dog.
Friday- Went out after work to meet up with Stryker. Met up later to go bowling with fellow boxer owners (the Mundys) and later joined them at Taco Bell (I refrained from the Chili Nachos BelGrande.)
Saturday- After basketball we met up with Lola and Max at the new dog park. We were joined randomly by 6 other boxers. It was the most insane time at the dog park ever.
Sunday- After the Packer game, got the call from Cody to come over with Chili so the dogs could play indoors (it was raining.) So a couple hours of brawl time while we watched football.
Monday- Spent all afternoon figuring if it would rain or not, finally it didn’t and more new dog park with Chili. It sure gets dark early. Lola (and Krystina) joined us and we saw Buster. Chili had a great time playing with Lola and later with a St. Bernard pup (9 mo old but double the weight of Chili.)
Tuesday- Tonight we get to spend lots of money on Chili for his first of two expensive appointments for his teeth. Might hit the new park if there is time.
Wednesday- The usual Wednesday group and then it’s Chili’s graduation from Intermediate training.

So there you go, 8 days in the life of Chili. Thursday is Jess’ birthday but we will be busy going to the Bike Federation of Wisconsin Fundraiser. So we celebrated this past Saturday night by inviting her friends over for some party action. It was fun and I made up a new drink, I called it the yuppie soccer mom. Basically 3 parts of TGI Fridays Mudslide to 1 part Starbucks Coffee liqueur. So it was pretty strong, pretty name brand and pretty freakin’ good. I only had enough to make two of them which I drank myself. But something about booze makes me sleepy but not able to sleep which again was the case on Saturday night/Sunday morning.


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