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Thursday, October 18, 2007

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Today is Jess’ birthday! She turns the big 29 today, 1 year away from officially being old (like me!) Happy Birthday Jess! In honor of her birthday I am taking her to a swanky fundraiser, you know it’s all about social awareness! It’s the Wisconsin Bike Federation Fund Raiser and in the past it’s been pretty fun and pretty productive. Looking forward to it yet again. And if you feel bad for Jess because she has to spend her birthday at a fundraiser, well you should. She got her party last weekend but other than that I haven’t done much of anything. I guess that’s life when you are busy every day. My presence should be present enough, right? I did buy her a dang quesadilla for lunch.

Chili graduates! He graduated last night with a degree in Intermediate Obedience. Which for Chili means Intermittent Obedience. He actually has been a rock star in class; our 6 classes were probably the 6 most well behaved instances he’s had since we’ve had him.

"Mark Larson will be joining the IBD Inside Sales & Service team as an Inside Sales & Service Representative. In his new role, Mark will be providing assistance to IBD dealers and Outside Sales Reps in their product, order, warranty and technical questions. Mark will formally transfer when his current role as Inventory Analyst is successfully transitioned. Congratulations Mark!" And after today I realized a successful transition just can’t come soon enough. Each day since our department was trimmed down to 2 has been more busy and stressful than the day before. And not a good busy either, just a pile it on and make it more crappy, busy. I’d anticipate the transition would take a minimum of a month from now (I was told I got this new position last week.) We’ll see how it goes.

Alright...time to get going...


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