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Monday, July 09, 2007

Worn out weekend!

Another weekend is in the books and yet again I need a break from my weekend. Friday I played some basketball in the morning as usual. I decided to take the day off from bike riding…my legs were fried. Got out of work and did some serious mountain climbing research. I think I am obsessed with the Colorado 14ers. Anyways, before I knew it, Kyle and Tracy picked us up. They wanted us to drink margaritas with them. I haven’t had anything to drink for along time but the lure of trying 6 9oz margarita “samples” was just too much to pass up. They were all excellent, I would’ve been happy with any of them. After we headed to Pasquals to sober up with some tacos. Got home and had a little headache but it was fun! Slept ok and decided not to go to basketball. Good choice. We headed north to Stillwater, MN. We dropped the dogs off at “camp” and got some breakfast. We ordered a large McDonalds Iced Hazlenut Coffee. I believe it was served full in a 28-32oz cup with cream and sugar for $2.49. Jess and I shared it and it was still too much and it was awesome. Coffee shops beware! We also had lunch at Taco Johns. For some reason Taco Johns (the northern WI locations) sent us a $5 gift certificate for our wedding, so we used that. Got to Stillwater and it was 95 out. I quickly donned my swim suit and sun-tan lotion and jumped in the pool. Stayed in for 3-1/2 hours and had a great time with the relatives. Capped off the evening watching the Brewers, throwing some Bean Bags and eating some sundaes. Good stuff! Drove home to RL that night too and saw John’s new place. Also I met John’s new girlfriend and it seems pretty serious. She seems nice and is outgoing which is all really cool!

Sunday we woke up and headed to the golf course. Good thing about random local courses is that you can play 5-somes. Of course are 5-some was faster than the 2-some in front of us. Anyways, I shot crappy. I had some nice shots and had a par but my short game was horrible. I think I shot a 54, that was my mental total. Guh! Mom sprung for some smoothies after which were enjoyed in the AC. The rest of the day was full of Brewers, lots of board games and good food! I made this awesome calzone…I impressed myself! It was fun and relaxing to hang with the family. We stayed in Rice Lake Sunday night and headed back to Madison this morning. It felt like I had about 12 hours of Monday stuffed into what was only a 6.5 hour work day. Guh! Off to the bark park!


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