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Monday, July 02, 2007


Do as many things as possible. Call it my weekend. Friday wasn’t too bad at work. Work has gotten a lot better lately which has been good. We went on the brat ride at lunch. Unfortunately some guy who was visiting and works for Hayes shifted his derailleur into his wheel, breaking his wheel, derailleur and hanger. Fortunately for him I was the same size so I gave up my bike and began the hike back. Another guy on the ride called a coworker and had her pick me up at the nearest intersection so a ½ mile hike and a car ride later I was back at work. I missed out on a brat but my boss got an extra sandwich so she gave it to me and the company president thanked me for my effort. Listened to the Brewers blow it big time against the Cubs. Then met up with a couple other couples from work for some Dottys. Dottys reigns supreme! We then went to a wine tasting (I again had coffee and a cookie). By popular demand we had to bust out some Beans…and I actually won a game and Kyle took the second game. Stayed up a little later than I wanted but such is life.

Saturday morning I decided to skip basketball and do some training on the bike. Unfortunately my body misses basketball and made sure I was well awake at 6am. Guh! I chilled out until meeting the Wolf at 8am. We rode 41 miles. Actual words out of my mouth: we could go south here and add some miles and do the Observatory climb. What’s wrong with me? It went pretty well and we even randomly saw Waisbrot out and forced him to do it with us. He wanted to do no more though; apparently hill workouts on the road aren’t great the day before mountain bike races. Got home and chilled for a bit before having to get ready to head out. We got on the road a bit late and hit the Qdoba (thanks Riz for the coupon!) I tried the shredded beef because the steak looked crappy and it was a good choice! We then hit a couple places on the way and went to find a Brewers Pro Shop. We though of a mall that would have it, no dice, so we went to Miller Park and they had everything we could want. Jess got a JJ Hardy T-Shirt. We then headed into Summerfest. If you go, the one thing you need to do? Go to Saz’s, order the Leinies Cheese Curds. Don’t go combo plate, order the curds. Then eat them. Then smile! We had other food items including a funnel cake. I even changed a tire!If only I was 10 an under, I would've bested that time by .11 seconds. We then headed in to watch the Fray and some band called OK Go. I am not a big Fray fan but I enjoy their music. This concert rocked. OK Go ended up being super cool. The Fray? Spectacular! Although I only know 3 of their songs well enough, every song they played was enjoyable. Oh yeah, and they did this crazy bluegrass version of Hips Don’t Lie which is one of the Top 5 concert moments ever. We headed south to Chicago after Summerfest and getting to our hotel at like 12:15. It was pretty funny getting there as everyone around was hammered as there must’ve been a couple weddings there that night. We had the biggest hotel room I’ve ever seen and it was awesome. Thank you Radisson.

Sunday we woke up and headed towards Wrigley Field. Of course breakfast was at Dunkin Donuts. For the first time in my life I had an overcooked donut. And it was actually good, it almost melted in my mouth. Of course if I knew both of mine were overcooked I would’ve ordered one of something else but all was good. We stopped at a Target to get some game snacks and then found the best parking spot ever (3 blocks from Wrigley with an easy out.) Oh wait, on the way to the stadium we drove around it. And this taxi stops in front of us and Jess is like, look it’s Derrick Turnbow (jokingly) and I said I think it is. Well she wasn’t sure it was him until out of the next taxi pops Ryan Braun. Jess jumps out of the car with my camera to get a photo. Only problem was the camera was stuck on movie mode. Guh! So we have a movie of them crossing the street. Anyways, we walk around the park for a while, looking for cheap hot dogs. I settled for a carne asada taco from some local taco joint, and a 7-11 slurpee! Then we got in line to wait for bobbleheads. We ran into Dean and Beth and we all waited in line together. We got Michael Barrett bobbles! We then got to stand near the dug out. We could yell at players and get them to wave and I took some photos. Couldn’t get close enough to get free stuff though. The seats we had were primo on the first base side, maybe 40 rows up and about at the pitchers mound. Hot! The game itself went super fast and the Brewers decided to suck. Oh well! We then headed out to Dave and Busters. But not before we met a 7-week old boxer by our car! Awesome! We had a good out and were able to get to Dave & Busters in about 45 minutes. Unfortunately, Dean and Beth had a bad out and then they got rear-ended on the Interstate. Guh! We probably had to wait an extra hour but fortunately they weren’t hurt and Beth’s car was pretty much unscathed. We got to eat and play games. I rocked the flaming finger (shut up, it’s a video game of skill) but then Dean proved it was easy and did it too. It was fun! I made Jess drive home and we made it back after dark. Guh!

We then received an e-mail saying our friends (Kyle and Tracy) had picked up a boxer! It’s so cute! What a complete weekend!


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