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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Independence Day!

Wednesday night was pretty chill. We went out to eat with Jess’ parents at the Gritty. Great burger, below average curds. We got home and I packed up for my duathlon. Yep I was going to do a 4th of July Duathlon. Except for that running crap, it was going to be a road and then mountain bike ride. Tuesday night it poured. I almost scrapped everything but decided if I didn’t ride early I wasn’t riding at all. It came as no surprise that no one else showed up. I started down Blue Mound at 45+ when it was wet which was kind of fun! The ride was awesome! 4 big climbs. More deer than cars, lots of wild life, beavers, birds and some sort of muskrat looking thing, 1 mile of gravel. The final climb up Blue Mound isn’t getting any less steep or shorter but it was manageable. Did just over 30 miles in just under 2 hours and it was beautiful. As I was riding back into the park the sign said the MTB trails were closed. And no one showed up for that either, except for Garett who was scoping out for the 12hour race. It was ok, I got home and watched the movie Flight Plan which was entertaining.

Got readied up and headed to Kyle and Tracy’s for some BBQ action. It was a small get together (7 of us) but was a lot of fun. Their new puppy (Dari) is so cute, I can’t get enough and rattled off one photo after another. Kyle made the best burger I've ever had not at a restaurant which is a pretty high compliment. I won a game of Beans (as did Tracy.) Got home early enough to go to bed at a normal hour. Wow, Wednesday holidays suck!

Today was the Gun Show. I've only been training for two weeks but things came back to me pretty quick. I was a player in the 1st and 3 stages and even scored me a 3rd place finish behind a couple powerhouses on Seminole. It felt good to be able to play a bit. Of course I wanted to get some hills in tonight so I did my local hilly route. I thought I'd get more elevation but I guess the climbs are more the 100 foot type and not the 200 foot type. Still Sun Valley, Observatory and Paoli road were killers in the heat. Got home, ate some leftover pizza and a protein shake and then took the dogs to the park. Now I am back home and not much to report.

Heading north this weekend…should be fun!


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