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Monday, July 16, 2007

Long all the time.

Friday after having some Taco Bell for supper we headed to the Mundys. Played a long bean tournament and I tied for first but lost on a tiebreaker to Beth. It was a good time, especially the first game we played. We rounded the night out with some Buzzword which is always a good time. It got late and I got to bed a little before 1.

I was up before 5:30 to play some basketball. Good hoopin. After that we watched the Tour and headed to the art fair. I knocked down some spicy cheese bread and I wasn't able to eat lunch even. Got home in time to meet up with Stryker at the dog park. Hit a monster lap. Then I took a much needed nap, we got some Domino's Pizza and then I watched some Brewers. Relaxing!

Sunday I woke up and fixed my car and read the paper. We picked up Vale (Wolfgram stopped over too) and headed to Milwaukee for the Brewers game. Great times! The Brewers one and I scored some Chorizo bobbleheads. Got home and got Papa Johns pizza this time. Went to the small dog park and chilled it the rest of the night. Freakin' tired.

Monday was a tough day. I worked 11 hours. Got home and went to the big dog park with Stryker. Good times! Then I upgraded my mountain bike. In true neighborly fashion, the sound of me beating the crap out of my crank with a hammer inspired my neighbor (Neil) to check up on me. Turns out I needed an extracting tool. Huh. Got my crank extracted and the carbon put on. Now I have nice XC wheels, tires and crank on it, so I probably dropped 2-3lbs. I also dialed in the air settings for some epic's ready to roll! Hopefully I will be too!

There is the clif notes version of my life lately! Guh! I need some sleep!


  • I'm not sure which is more unlikely: you fixing your car, or you working on your bike. Whatever the case, I now have no choice but to doubt everything else you wrote. Who knows, maybe your entire blog is entirely fiction.

    Although I can believe you'd be whacking your crank with a hammer.

    By Anonymous jerry, at 7/17/2007 12:46 AM  

  • Don't you work for Pacific cycles? Are there no qualifying tests, (like basic bicycle mechanics)? I thought I was bad for stripping the threads out of a crank. At least I tried to use the crank puller!

    By Anonymous kelson, at 7/21/2007 9:23 AM  

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