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Friday, July 13, 2007

Finally it's happened to me (Friday.)

What a busy week! Monday I went to the dog park and met up with some friends. Chilled it most of the night and got caught up on laundry. Tuesday was busy as well. Got to work early and then at lunch I did a tough tempo workout since it was super hot. Got home and then back out to the dog park. Then home in time to get to softball. We won 12-6 and I went 3-4 with a triple. One game left. Then got home to watch the awesome Tour stage. Wednesday was more of the same. Some AM basketball and a ride at Quarry Ridge at lunch. Rode a pretty sweet downhill there but I don’t think I’ll try the drops until I get back from Colorado. After work on Wednesday we had early volleyball. Headed out and lost all three but they were all close against a tough team. Headed from there to a picnic with Jess’ family. We ate some pizza and played on the playground until well after 9, getting home in time to check out the Tour and go to bed. Thursday was going to be busy as well. Rode the gun show and I can tell I am getting stronger. We were maybe 18 strong and although I couldn’t get any points at least I was around at the end which was nice. Got home to check out the Tour and then we went out to see Zarun for some foodity. Barry joined us as well as we rocked some Unos. Welcome back Zarun and Happy Zarun’s Birthday. We then (minus Zarun) met up with a bunch of co-workers and friends and headed to the Comedy Club. Three great opening acts led to the best act I’ve seen in a while. But then the headliner was awful. He hated the whole audience, told like 10 jokes in a 45 minute span and made everyone feel uncomfortable. It was quite an experience, a train wreck for sure, I don’t know any comedian who could pull off his routine; he certainly couldn’t. I was trying to think of a place where his routine would work but I’ve got nothing. I am not a violent man but had I been in the front of that show I would’ve popped that guy, I wonder if he’ll get fired? Through it all though, it was still entertaining, not for comedy sake, just because I couldn’t look away. Thanks for hooking us up Dean, it was a good time! Got home late. Got up early as I had to drive my car to U-Haul to get a hitch installed and ride my bike to the Y before 6am. Played some hoops, one of my best mornings ever, huh. Now I just have to figure out what rack to get. I want a 3-bike Saris Thelma, but they aren’t available yet. I’ve had this item written for a while but I keep forgetting to include it:

Crappy food news:
I figured somewhere in the world a place had to have the worst nachos ever. I almost forgot. A month ago, it was confirmed. Buffalo Wild Wings has the worst nachos ever! It isn’t even close, we couldn’t finish them between the two of us. Expensive, nasty, small and just plain gross. Not one redeeming quality. Worst…Ever!

Even worse that those nachos however are Glass Nickel garlic breadsticks. I thank Hez for giving me some, now I realize why she gave me so many. The outside was tough. The inside was doughy (a bad doughy.) The taste? Stale bread that they misted with water and then shook garlic salt over. I tried them with ranch and marinara but I needed to use so much of either just so I couldn’t taste the sticks themselves. I gave one to Dolan and he spat it out and had to buy something from the vending machine to get the taste out of his mouth. I gave one to Jess who was almost equally as disgusted. Glass Nickel makes about the best pizza in Madison and the worst breadsticks ever, anywhere!

Flashback Fridays are over...hopefully they at least have some chrome...


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