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Thursday, November 15, 2007

More bad luck...

Dude, this photo is whack!!! That guy is going to be so famous!

So my bad luck continued into Wednesday. Woke up and got some basketball in and headed to work. Not a bad work day and we had our Thanksgiving celebration at work, which filled me for the day. Had to run some errands after that and hit American. Hate that place. Left to go to the bank. I moved all my finances to a credit union and just wanted to close my account and get the small amount of money out of it. Well I guess it takes like 15 minutes to even see a banker and then who knows what it will take to cancel. Needless to say I didn’t have the time and left, so that sucked. Driving back to work my car made an awful racket. Guh. Finally I was almost to work and my car fishtailed on a corner…huh. Flat right rear. Screw it, I drove it to the mechanic as I knew at some point I’d need new rears anyways. Still made it back to work in less than an hour and then had to pick up my car after work. What a fun hour span. Got home and Jess and I did some cruise shopping. Buying a suit sucks, problem with suits are that they are either cheap (and look and feel that way) or are expensive. I found one that rocked at a price I could stomach, but alas the fit was all wrong (Jess commented that it was something Brozek would wear, the suit that was two pant sizes larger that I normally wear fit me like an elastic glove.) My plantar fasciitis isn’t getting much better so I finally bought some insoles. I also bought some Sudafed, what a pain. It would probably be easier for me to get a gun or life insurance or something easy. My cell phone broke about 3 weeks ago (I can only call people on my phone memory with 1 digit speed dial numbers) and after checking out phones, the best renewal deal was on-line so in a few days I’ll have a new Motorola Razor V3 in an anodized blue hue. Should be hot!

Thursday morning I got up super early and was able to get to the Y to lift before work. Lifting now takes an hour or so instead of the 40 minutes it used to take as I’ve added some additional exercises. Someday I’ll have to research my routine and see how off base I am. But for now it makes me look and feel good. Another work day here, what can you do? Got my bank closed out at lunch and also a haircut so I am doing pretty well errand-wise today. One more day until Friday is also nice! A weekend with no real plans, just some bowling, friends and Packers. Last free weekend until the new year, crazy huh?

Link time!!!

If you like old or new hip-hop this is awesome! (Thanks O'D)

Life is changing?

Gotta love the jerseys!


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