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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Friday night was fun! After taking the dogs to the park we then went downtown to take in some Badger/Michigan volleyball action with Hez and Tad. The game went to five sets and even into extra points (that whole win by two thing) but somehow the Badgers scored three points in a row to pull it out. Good times!

Saturday I was up early to play basketball. Then I went for some groceries and to the dog park and was back home in time for the Badgers/Michigan football game. Great game! Jess and I went out for a very early supper and came back to see OSU get beat. Headed to Dean and Beth’s for the poker tournament. It was a blast! I was left for dead about halfway through but somehow mounted an epic come back and made it to the final table. Once I was there I pissed away my fortune on some questionable hands and coasted to a 5th place finish. Dean made us all dress in costumes…and Tank and new wife win with their Taco Time taco and hot sauce costume…classic!

So Sunday I got up at 7 and went out to get the newspaper and noticed it was pretty warm (high 40s.) Nice! Once I got done reading my paper and drinking my coffee I decided it was go time and went to Quarry Ridge. Did a couple laps and then went down and did little sister like 4 times in about 2 minutes (riding up and down.) Finally thought, lets do this, and did the middle sister. Man she's smooth. Did it again, no problem. Even went into the Fitchburg Moab section and cleared another drop I've never done before (still need to check off the first More More drop, which should happen soon.) Finally on my last lap I did middle sister once more. Now I am comfortable on it and things slowed down in my head so I was even able to concentrate on what I was doing and watch the landing. Headed back up the new road to Target and then bombed through the construction site where the golf dome was. Not a bad way to spend an hour and a half on a nice, fall morning! Got changed up and headed to Best Buy before family time. Random. Headed to Jess’ parents for some good Sunday times including a dominant Packers game. Got back home in time to hit the dog park quick and then to Circuit City and then to the Hubbard for more family time. Got home for kickoff, which ended up being a touchdown the wrong way and on to the worst, most depressing football game in the past two years, the only silver lining is that we deduct 3 points per missed field goal in fantasy football and well, I was playing against someone who had Vinateri and eeked out a 1 point win. I’d trade it for a Colts win any day.

Monday started off as a Monday. Had a great weight lifting session. Got to work and worked. Was going to go back to Quarry Ridge at lunch but I forgot my bike shorts. Some how my way of thinking turned that into I should leave work early and ride at Blue Mounds! So I left early and rode the whole loop (Overlode and everything else.) For the first time ever I rode the steep Overlode climb after the creek crossing. Blue Mound was awesome, all the leaves were down so you could see forever, a nice brown ribbon of singletrack in the middle of all the leaves. The trail manager out there is awesome!!! I had two crashes, the first one I escaped certain injury but bent my hanger. The second one my bike escaped certain breakage but bashed both knees and a good 16" scrape from above my knee to my shoe. Good stuff, perfect weather! Took Chili to the dog park in the dark and then came back and watched some TV on the DVR. Went to bed early. Welcome to Tuesday morning!

In current event news, this story is a story? The story should be some jerk coach calling for an onside kick with a 43 point lead. A finger is the minimum reaction that Utah deserves. Apologies? Reprimands? That’s crap. I applaud this coach!


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