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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just can’t catch a break.

Craptastic Tuesday...

Woke up Tuesday morning to see my fantasy football game was in fact a loss. I guess the live stats aren’t always correct and after adjustments I lost by 2 points although knowing who I lost to I just have to assume she somehow cheated.

Also Chili is now the proud owner of Kennel Cough. Which means, after another nice vet visit, some antibiotics and at least 2 weeks without contact with other dogs he might be back to being healthy again. Oh yeah, and he has the dry heaves pretty much non-stop with some god-awful sounding coughs and the puking up of white foam. So yep, our house is really pleasant with a hacking dog who's bored out of his mind.

I also once again headed out to Quarry Ridge at lunch to ride. My bike didn’t want to work well, my bent hanger being a lot worse than I thought so most uphills were virtually unrideable. And I clearly ran out of talent the day before. Did the middle jump again 4 times but landed heavy two of those times which was a bit scary. Bailed out just before the drop I did on Sunday and did an easier one instead, did some recon on another drop and just didn’t have a good time. The silver lining is that it was warm and nice and as hard as I tried to crash I never laid it down.

No complaints about the evening though and hopefully Wednesday will treat us even better!
People like photos...I climbed this tree while mountain biking last week.


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