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Friday, July 27, 2007

Wednesday and Thursday in Colorado

Wednesday Jess and I got up early with my parents and went up to the top of the Vail Pass. There is 14 miles of bike path that you can ride that’s almost all downhill and super scenic. My dad dropped us off and cruised it. Finished it off with some donuts from Daylight Donuts in Breck which rules! We then got ready to drive to Aspen to hike to the base of the Maroon Bells mountains. We drove some crazy pass up past the treeline which was fun and the rode to Aspen was insane. Of course the rode down was crazy. We got to Aspen and had a picnic, which was fun but then the weather came. We still drove the 10 miles back to the trailhead and once we got there we were stuck in a hail storm. A good half-hour went by where we watched hail. We then got a small clearing where it only rained a bit and took some photos before it rained again. It started to clear up a little but no one was interested in hiking back. Of course the rain and traffic turned it into a 3 hour drive back to Breck. Jess and I hit a place called Empire Burger. One of the best burgers I’ve ever had and Jess said the Nachos are her favorite ever (I’d tend to agree.) So as disappointing as the Aspen trip was we got some good eats.

Thursday was to be insane. We went back to Daylight Donuts for breakfast and it was packed, which means it was great! The rest of the family went to Denver to golf or do other things but Jess and I stayed behind to ride at Keystone. We bought bike lift tickets so we could do some gravity riding. The beginning was hard, Jess crashed hard and lost confidence. She stuck with it though and we found some sweet trails. It took between 5-8 miles to get down the hill so we only got three runs in. The third run was insane. I got down doing all black and double black diamond trails. One trail had 22 tabletop jumps. I rode some of the moderate stunts, basically every stunt I saw that didn’t end with a drop. Some of the rock gardens were just insane and there were some spots that I just had to get off and walk around. But I rode a lot of things and was excited to rock some sweet trails. We then headed to Denver to get some Rockies baseball action. We got there in time to get some free t-shirt that had #26 Francis on the back. Whomever that is, he didn’t even play. Seats were most excellent. In the 4th it started to rain but it was just a sprinkle so the game continued and finished. The Rockies lost by 1 though so that was a bummer. Got home after midnight and it was a tiring day!


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