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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Well I suppose it's time for a new post! Let's hit y'all with a recap!

Wednesday: Worked a ton of hours. Hit the Gritty with the future in-laws and then we went to Point and took in the Happy Feet movie. It was ok but nothing special. Took it easy the rest of the night.

Thursday: It was big 10k day! Berbee Derby! Goal was under 50 minutes. I took the early lead (I even got on the news) and was one of only two people to lead. I got passed 1/4 mile of the way in. I ran a 6:42 1st mile and a sub 23 minute 5k and settled in finally finishing in 48:25. Saw alot of friends out there running too. Jess rocked it too and rolled a 1:04 even. Awesome!

We hit the Starbucks on the way home and read black friday ads. Then off to the in-laws again for some turkey. Good eats, great company, and good weather made for a fun time. Football wasn't so hot. We finalized our black friday plans too!

Friday: Got up at 4:05ish and was in-line at Circuit City (about 300 deep) at 4:30. The rush began at 5 (800+ people), I was done shopping by 5:05 and checked out by 5:20. Went on to Boston Store and Penneys for some small deals and was basically done around 6ish. Went out to eat and then I rode 31 miles. Went to the dog park as well and then hit the hot tub. Chilled for a bit before Thanksgiving at the Long's place. More great eats and great company, thanks!!! Then off to see Stranger Than Fiction which I highly recommend!!!

Saturday: 2 hours of basketball & grocery shopping start my day on Saturday. Then I spent 4+ hours cleaning our garage and I can almost park my car in it! Then a little rest (mostly just watching Wedding Crashers) and then off to Hez's birthday! Food, comedy and darts! Good time! I played well at Ms. Pac Man (60K) and won a game of darts! It was a really good time! Got home a little after midnight, ot 2-1/2 hours before Jess who closed down some bar!


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