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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The weekend...Finally!

We left at noon to head to lovely Columbus, OH for the wedding of Russ. We dropped the pups off at camp (kennel) and were on our way. It was trudgery down to Bloomington, Indiana where we met Jess' sister. We took in some supper at Yogi's and then watched Game 7 of the NLCS. The one nice thing about fall is that baseball matters. Thanks Stacy for letting us crash.

We got up early on Friday and headed towards Indianapolis and then Columbus. The drive went pretty well! When we get about an hour for Columbus, I see it...Tim Hortons! I pull off despite having already ate breakfast. Little did I realize that in Columbus I could have it whenever I wanted. But it was a nice little break. We decided to meet at Russ' house that morning so we headed there. His house was cool, even though one of his weiner dogs despited to mark me as his territory! Thank god for Pearl Izumi and the waterproof jacket! Anyways, we were parked in when it came time to leave to go to the featured attraction of Dave and Busters. So I hit the grass and almost got stuck. Of course Zarun got stuck as he tried to pass me on the grass. Hub deep in mud in Russ' lawn. Needless to say Russ wasn't impressed. Zarun called AAA and waited, the rest of us left. We ended up being late to D&B and there were alot of people there. That place is awesome! They had the best Cheesesteak I've ever had bar none, nothing else is even close. It was insane!!! Then the games began. I decided I needed to dominate the games as well, so I won a jackpot on some random move your thumb game and also won a 100 ticket bonus on a bejeweled type game. I even schooled some 30 somethings at Nascar leading wire to wire. Between Jess, the Riz and I we had enough tickets for a toy, a stainless steel travel mug and a pint glass. We still have tickets left too. We headed to get our tuxes next, never a fun thing to do, even less fun when you are running late, it's packed and it's across town. We were able to get tuxes, get to the hotel, check in, get ready for 5 minutes and book to the rehersal getting there on time. Rehersal was typical. Dinner was a whole lot of sausages so that was fun! Headed back to the hotel to swim and then sleep...

Saturday Jess and I got up early to explore. We went down to The Ohio State University on a game morning which was real cool! We checked out Nationwide arena as well. We then went to North Market which is a permanant market surrounded by some Saturday morning farmers market. After that we went through downtown to check out the Brewery district and the German Town.
That was the only time all weekend I wanted to ride bikes. All unsmooth cobbles in the whole neighborhood. It was awesome. We then headed back to the hotel to meet everyone else at Waffle House. Anna's first time at the Waffle House! It was good as usual. After that Jess, Larkin and I went shopping a bit and then we hustled home to catch a little Badger game and get ready for the wedding. We got to the wedding only late enough to get one cell phone call from the groom. The wedding was real nice and now Russ is married! Angie is cool and Columbus seems fun so that's awesome for him. Afterwards we did all that standing around and photos and then we rolled an H2 limo to the reception for more photos. The reception was at a Country Club. Open bar and awesome food is a good combo for success. It was fun despite having the world's worst DJ. But then at 9:30 it was done. We headed back to the hotel (via White Castle) and played drinking games. White Castle in tuxes is pretty sweet!
Drinking games were fun as well! About 12:30 it was over and I was cashed.

Got up Sunday for the long trudge home. 8+ hours. It went pretty well although we had a 30mph headwind most of the way so gas mileage was 4-5 mpg off. We hit Sonic on the way home and they have the best fastfood cheesesteak ever. Then we were home. Just long enough to get the pups back and go out to eat with the Smulkas. Then home to chill.

Damn we looked good!!!


  • you took the avalon muddin'? that's bad ass! why can't we do that here?

    By Anonymous jerry, at 10/24/2006 4:06 PM  

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