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Monday, May 01, 2006

Sorry for the lack of updates…busy at work, busted internet at home and a new computer game are my excuses.

Last week was a good training week. Monday was a nice long road ride and I ran into Hertz which was cool and we rode together. Tuesday was tough, we did the Schwinn team ride and the big guns all showed up. It was a rough 60 miles (fortunately the first 20 were a nice Paoli loop) but I was able to hang on the whole ride. Nice! Wednesday was a rest day. A 15 mile lunch ride and then over an hour riding to and from Quarry Ridge and trying some of the trails. Thursday I had 2 32 mile rides. It was my first ride with shaved legs, it was nice. The early ride I hammered solo and felt great, the later ride was nice and easy with Jerry and Mike. Friday I was off from work and riding. Saturday was ride time at the Kettles. A great ride, Blue, connecter, Emma and back. Ended up being like 24.1 miles. I spent the day trying to stay with Ryan who kicked my butt last year and I hung pretty well. A little more technical work and a better shifting front derailleur and I’ll be ready to rock some Iola!

Random stuff:
-2 for 3 against Jerry in Gran Turismo 4. The random part of that is that the course I should’ve been good at (Seattle) I lost and the 2 I won (rally and some random 8:30 per lap track) I had never seen before.
-Thursday’s lunch ride was a rager. I was kind of pissed at someone (I love people who are misguided…on the plus side I think they are more lying to themselves as they are to me so no worries) and I had my review at work when I got back so I was pretty amped. The review went surprisingly really well, still no raise though.
-Mountain bike front shifting sucked…don’t know if it is Sram or what. Also had my first flat of the season at Kettles.
-Rain forecasted all week, but perhaps it’ll be clear tomorrow, so I’ll plan to train as much as possible then.
-Ate too much food this weekend, most of which wasn’t good for me.
-Crazy shenanigans went down last night…it was hilarious! Also good food and good company.
-I am not a good Madisonian, I’ve never been to the Farmer’s Market, ran Crazy Legs or really watched Rhythm and Booms. I did lose my brat fest virginity last year but that is downright dangerous (I think I had 2 brats, 2 hot dogs and some ice cream all washed down with a Mountain Dew.) I also took in my first Taste of Madison last year, so promise me food and I’ll usually be somewhere! I suppose it doesn’t matter anyways since I am a Fitchburger anyways!
-Sunday’s Mountain Bike race got rained out. I kind of figured it would so I rode harder on Saturday than I should.
-Contemplating the Tour De Dells on Saturday
-I got 3 new food t-shirts…awesome!!!

Movies: Saw tons of movies this weekend with having Friday off.
Lonesome Jim (Westgate): OK movie, not that funny but still entertaining
Off Road To Athens (DVD): Most excellent, I loved it and couldn’t get enough
Thank You for Smoking (Westgate): Hilarious Satire, recommended. A lot different than I expected but still excellent
Hitch (Cinemax): Second time I saw it…never realized that guy from War at Home was in it. I like Kevin James.
My Date with Drew(Showtime): Good movie, I like Drew Barrymore and liked the path he took. Guy is kind of a tool but it was funny like Supersize Me.

That's all I've got right now...


  • I've never seen Rhythm and Booms, never been to Bratfest or Taste of Madison, plan on never running Crazy Legs. But I have been to the Farmer's Market twice. Fitchburg Rules!!

    GT4 rematch. Any time. Any place (well, I suppose it will have to be my house, but that doesn't sound as cool).

    By Anonymous Jerry, at 5/01/2006 10:38 AM  

  • I plan on hitting the farmers market soon (need me some spicy cheese bread and some mini donuts.)

    It's on...I'll have to buy that game one of these days so you don't get too good!

    By Blogger Burrito Eater, at 5/01/2006 11:44 AM  

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