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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tuesday! This report is from a lap-top and I suck at Lap-Topping. We woke up early to hit the ferry to Orcas Island. Unfortunately we checked the schedule before leaving and we'd miss a ferry by about a half hour and then wait a good 2-1/2 for another one. Guh! We planned to do Orcas on Tuesday and Vancouver on Wednesday but we reversed it. We got through customs and were in Vancouver by 11am. We went to the Capalino Suspension Bridge first. It is one of the highest and longest suspension bridges in the world. It is like 300 feet above a gorge and plenty long and sketchy. Anyways we did it, and it was almost fun. We also did a tree top adventure which was like 9 bridges from tree to tree. These trees had to have a diameter of 6-8 feet. We got done with that and it was time to ride bikes. First we detoured up to the ski area but the lift to the top, although running, was cloudy. So we opted to not go up there to check stuff out. We got to Stanley Park in Vancouver and got the bikes ready. Nice weather (50s and light wind) greeted us. A nice casual ride down to the beach and then we rode through town. We got in like 16 miles and plenty of sights. We saw where the Canucks play and saw some huge-ass dome which shows me that Canadian Football is alive and well. Vancouver is an awesome city, the bike paths we rode were the most fun, scenic and entertaining ever. On the way back to Stanley Park we stopped so I could try a "tube steak." It ended up being a beefy hotdog-like thing and was awesome! We got back to the car after a nice 250 foot climb, one of the most fun rides ever. We even saw them taping some TV show called "Saved" and they were going to throw some dude off a bridge. We watched for like 20 minutes but nothing really happened. We got to the car and checked into our hotel. Jess got us a sweet deal on a Westin so we had a king size, Heavenley Bed! Awesome. We went to some super-mall place. The day took a turn for the worse. The McDonalds there (and one I saw on the way) had signs for the elusive Cadbury Cream Egg McFlurry. Words can't describe how awesome they are, I had one in the past. Anyways, I was pumped. We ate at the mall, having a less that stellar Taco Time experience. I did score a new t-shirt and some $.25 Canadian Wunderbar cream eggs so all was well. On the way out though, the McDonalds was out of the CCE McFlurry. :( We hit 4 more McDonalds but the promotion ended the day earlier and all were out of ingredients. Thus my caloric needs went unsatisfied for the day, I actually probably burned more calories than consumed for the 2nd day of this trip (Monday.) We hit the beds (couldn't stay up for the 11pm Trailer Park Boys Series 6 opener.) BK Cheesey Tots rock!!!


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