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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Monday: Monday was a sad day, my parents and the Beav would be leaving. :( We made sure we made the most of it though. Anyways, I got up at 6:30 to get a ride in. 40 and rain, great. It only rained for the first 2 miles though (which kind of sucks though) but I rode the bike path to UW, across the bridge, down on the west bank of Lake Washington, and onto the I-90 bike path for the 2 mile bridge. Yes there is a bike path lane on I-90 to ride bikes. I then got to Mercer Island and someone told me to ride there. I did. I rode the loop, beautiful roads. The east side of the island was just back and forth as the land was naturally fjorded. It was awesome! I then rode the rest of I-90 across Lake Washington into Bellevue. I rode north on random roads and got to Juanita Parkway. Then I did a nice 500 foot climb, followed by a 500 foot decent and then 10 more bike path/road miles and I was home, 48 miles was the total. It was nice when I got home. The Beav and Dad went golfing so Mom, Larkin, Jess and I went to Red Mill burgers, supposedly the best in Seattle. They were closed on Mondays so we opted for Kidd Valley. The burgers weren't good and they specialize in Garlic Fries. They were weird, but not in a good way for me. The Oreo Shake was great though! :) Back to the house, Jess and I headed to the Space Needle! We went up there and it was beautiful and it was nice to be in the open air! We hung out there for an hour and decided we had some time and my mom forgot to buy some stuff at the market. We bought her that stuff, got some treats and I had to hit 1 more of those tamales as I couldn't afford not to. We got back home and then just hung out while my family packed and took turns holding Anna. Then Larkin took them to the airport and we met him at Taco Del Mar. Taco Del Mar resembles a Qdoba but the food is different. They have alot of fish tacos and stuff like that. I opted for the shredded beef burrito with rice, refried beans, cheese and sour cream. It was one of the best burritos I've had, not as big as the Q and a little pricey but the taste was awesome! Eric and Beth went shopping, Jess and I came home and crashed...


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