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Monday, April 10, 2006

Here's a photo of me and two guys who got dropped with me. We chased for a while before taking it easy and getting absorbed back into the pack. 4 laps and not one spoken word.

Tonight was the opening of Fudd! We got there about 5:30 and just beat the rush. When we sat down there was no where else to sit and the line went out the door. What a beautiful evening on State Street as well.
As for this was excellent. The person working the register was not only overwhelmed by the amount of people, she was also a big idiot. She ended up overcharging me by $3.50, and on top of that she didn't know how to ring things up and it took her like 5 minutes. I asked for the receipt and I'll have to call to tell them how I got jobbed. Beyond that and the overwhelming crowd due to the nice day and it being the first day it was awesome. The food was excellent! The prices seemed a little more reasonable than I remember (had I been billed right.) The Fudd is definitely not a place to eat at every day or even that often, but I skimped on lunch and snacks and rode for almost two hours so the caloric hit shouldn't be that bad. I recommend the 1/2lb Southwest Burger and then going to the condiment bar and giving one pump of jalepeno cheese and loads of pico de gaillo. Also ask for ranch with the fries...superb! This is a small Fuddruckers (most average 9000sq ft but this one was 2900) and they didn't have the full menu but it has everything burgerwise that others have just not as many specialty items.

Not a great vegetarian place (unless you are a diehard chicken casesar salad lover) so Jess got fries and topped it off with some minty Cold Stone concoction.

Hope you all had a wonderful Monday evening as well.


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