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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jerry says if you want to have a true mountain bike blog you have to talk about how hardcore you are. Well I have never really been “hardcore” before but my last two days have been definitely hardcore.

Tuesday I ended up riding a total of 90 miles, 32 at lunch and 58 after work. It was some good riding and I was holding my own until the end. Unfortunately I had a planned long ride on Wednesday so I went ahead and did it anyways.

I left work at about 2:15 to head west. A wind out of the northwest boded well for the ride. I got to Cottage Grove around 3 and started the Glacial Drumlin trail. This trail runs 52.2 miles to Waukesha. I got going at a pretty good clip and was doing well for the first 1:15 into the trail, my average speed was a good 19. I struggled the next hour or so and then rallied towards the end so that was good. I ended up just over 68 miles and got there at 6pm (in 3:45) for an average of 18.13. I chilled for 10 minutes at the end, took some photos. Like any good bike ride, there is food involved. I had to meet Jess and her mom at Taco Bell in Waukesha (she was in Milwaukee wedding dress shopping.) The estimated 3 miles to Taco Bell turned into 6 and mostly uphill so I ended with 74 miles and 18mph. Not a bad day of cycling.

Here is the unceremonious end to the trail (people in Waukesha call it the beginning though...)

Self portrait! :) The trail begins just over that lovely, clean river! Some people say it isn't about the destination, it is about the adventure to get there. Those people have clearly not been to Taco Bell before.
I ordered a token crunchwrap. I was to eat with Jess and her Mom after this so I had to limit myself. We went to the Water Street Brewery in Delafield. Had 4-5 glasses of water!Life is good, 74 miles and a crunchwrap! Sat at Taco Bell for about a half hour waiting and basking in the good ride and the sunshine. Needless to say the 12 other people eating there were sitting on the other half of the Bell. I prefer to think they didn't want to have sun in their eyes and nothing to do with my stink.

This is my training camp. I’ve rode 216 miles this week and am hoping (I don’t feel great) to ride another 32 or so today before flying to Seattle tomorrow. 1-2 more weeks like this and I’ll have a good base and build done and I’ll be ready for WORS and practice crits which start in early May.


  • You don't have to actually be hardcore, you just need to act like it. Or make stuff up. It's all the same, as long as you're letting the whole world know how hardcore you are. I go for the "making stuff up" route.

    BTW, isn't Waukesha to the east of Madison? I'm really interested in hearing how you got there heading west. This isn't another ride that started with you dropping off the top of your house, is it?

    By Anonymous jerry, at 4/13/2006 11:12 AM  

  • Details, details. If I wanted to be truly hard-core I'd have to write with less proper grammar and spell more words incorrectly. In trying to defend my typo of writing west, I can't. At no point in the ride was my bike going at a point considered in a westerly direction. I went north, south and east. Sorry, I may appear perfect on the surface but even I occasionaly make a typo!

    My ride tackled many intense man-made features (pedestrian bridges) and I flew by many rivals (moms pushing strollers and dogs) as I kicked everyones ass! Then I went to Taco Bell and had a Cruchwrap with Extreme sauce (mild) on it.

    In defense of the wheel reflectors from someone else, I like being that guy. No one wants to lose to the guy with wheel reflectors. It's like losing to the hairy legged guy in a crit or a toe-clipper on the mountain bike.

    By Blogger Burrito Eater, at 4/13/2006 12:13 PM  

  • i think you have more miles this week then i have all year. and i don't plan to ride today, tomorrow, or the next day.

    By Anonymous shiroma, at 4/13/2006 1:01 PM  

  • You realize that I have to call you a sandbagger when you race Sport now, don't you? Nothing personal of course - just my job.

    Seriously, though, that's some excellent mileage. Does your IM training plan call for that much already, or are you just taking advantage of the weather while you can?

    By Blogger J.Bro, at 4/13/2006 3:01 PM  

  • What is an IM training plan? :)

    This is my base/build season, time to get some big miles in before the more intense but shorter events (practice crits & MTB TT's) start. Train to your strengths and specialize in that right?

    Plus Shiroma races sport, has no gears, doesn't train, drinks lots of beer, is getting married and he beats me.

    I'll be honored if I ever get to a point in my life where I am called a sandbagger!!!

    By Blogger Burrito Eater, at 4/13/2006 3:15 PM  

  • i think beer is the secret actually. not fancy beer either, miller lite.

    By Anonymous shiroma, at 4/13/2006 4:01 PM  

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