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Monday, April 24, 2006

Race Update! So Sunday morning I decide I need to race. I didn’t feel great though but I drove down at 9 to register (last time I registered before the race and it took like 45 minutes.) I came home, ate the only thing we had left in the house (a couple Eggo waffles) and drank some tea and got the bike ready. I then rode to the race (Jess drove down to watch) and warmed up. The starting line only had about half of the people as last week, maybe around 35-40. It was also super windy. When the race started I decided with a small field it would behoove me to be near the front. I found myself at the front on the first uphill, windy section, trying so hard to get off the front that I kept trying to pull off but everyone followed. I finally slowed the field to about 13mph and someone finally came around. After that the pace got wicked fast and I was yo-yoing off the back and trying each lap to get up towards the front on the sheltered 2nd stretch. The pace continued to be fast for 15 minutes but I was feeling ok. I got back up to the lead for a half of a lap (just happened to be when this photo was taken and it also happened to be the lap Jess ran the camcorder.)

Here is me in the red with the frosty blue helmet. My teammate Hertz is to my right and Jerry is in Orange just behind him. The white helmet to the right of my shoulder is Kelson. The guy to the right of Hertz and Jerry is Jerry's biggest fan! :)
Anyways, after the turn on the next stretch though there were a couple of attacks. Everyone seemed content on chasing these two, and soon I went from the front to the back and about a third of a lap later I couldn’t hold on. I TT’d about 10 seconds from the back for about a lap but then the pace again sped up and I couldn’t keep touch. I rode hard hoping not to get lapped but about 4 laps later I accepted my fate and slowed up. The pack caught me so fast though and I didn’t see them until it was too late, so I didn’t get back on. However Danny (a guy I know) and I hooked up and mopped up 3 other riders. In the sprint for 21st, Danny got 21st and I came in right behind him beating those other three. So this race sucked a lot more but I only finished one spot lower. But now for the bright side. Hertz worked hard and got an 8th place finish. Kelson and Jerry though schemed the whole day and Kelson led Jerry down the back stretch and Jerry nailed it from the corner and took the sprint for 1st, what a finish, wish I could’ve been there. I did watch the race right afterwards where Jerry did the double and sprinted for his second straight win in the old man’s race (that I can race next year!!!) Thank god I will never have to race with him again as he will now be a Cat 3. If we can get another 15 or so people to upgrade I might be able to compete!

Afterwards Jess and I chilled and cleaned up and unpacked. We went out to supper with Jess’ parents as usual and then showed them all our trip photos and then we watched Family Guy.

Monday was back to work…guh! It sucked, I was swamped with no end in sight. That’s what happens when you are busier than ever and still go on vacation. 250ish e-mails… Finally at the end of a not-so-fun workday I went out to ride Belleville/Fritz. I stopped to relieve myself just outside of Belleville, jump on my bike, look back and see Hertz. He hammered it (sometimes letting me draft) back in so it was like intervals for me. 41 miles. Cold day, but hopefully I can ride today and maybe get back to some running as well. Also on the plus side I have to take off one day this week or lose it…Thursday or Friday I am hoping. My neighbor across the street claims to not care about lawns and stuff but I saw him log a good 3-4 hours raking and adding dirt and all that stuff yesterday, what’s up with that?


  • I hate grass, but I love dirt. More dirt equals less grass. Besides, I heard some guy across the street complaining about how crappy my yard looks, so I thought I'd pick up a couple of sticks.

    By Anonymous jerry, at 4/25/2006 10:17 AM  

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