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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The rest of the week!

Thursday- Thursday was a day to regroup and take it easy. We didn't do much that morning and made it for the 12:30 showing of the IMAX Wired to Win, which talks about the mental process of a rider in the Tour De France. For those who like cycling you'll surely like this as well, all else should pass as it was rather dull. I then played in the big water fountain and didn't even get wet!!! We then hung out at the Children's Museum where Beth (sister-in-law) works and checked out the Mr. Rogers exhibit. Anna didn't want to leave...Afterwords we drove to Alki Beach in West Seatlle and ate at the locally famous Alki Bakery. We had some of the best cookies ever! :) After frolicking on the beach (mostly throwing rocks in the ocean) we headed back home. After chilling for a bit it was supper time. That meant, the Original Red Robin. They did not dissappoint. The food was good and the service was at a record low quality. I've had bad service before (especially at Red Robin) but this trip won hands down. Our waiter seemed ok at the start, taking our order and saying that the cokes would be here in a couple minutes they were changing the machine. Then a whole lot of nothing. Our waiter frequehntly appeared to help two tables of girls, one group who wasn't even eating. We waited almost record time. Then some girl came and said that are food would be up shortly and refilled our waters (no Cokes yet.) Then the food came, Eric's extra salsa burger had no salsa and my blue cheese burger had no blue cheese. And I had no ranch for my fries either so I really couldn't eat. The lady came back 5 minutes later to finally deliver coke. I asked for the salsa, the ranch and she took my burger to have more blue cheese, and I asked for more fries (the fries are all you can eat.) The fries came and then we waited. Finally my burger came and we had to ask again for salsa and ranch. Then everything was good. We ate and the food was good. I then had to walk to the bar to get Coke refills; our waiter went outside along with half the staff it seemed (he gave us our bill but no refills.) We waited another 10 minutes, no one to take our bill so we asked a different waiter. Finally that was resolved, it took way too long and it sucked. The atmosphere was cool. Our waiter did however come back in time to talk to the girls some more not worrying about us as we walked out. No tip. The worst part is the girls weren't all that even, not worthy of stiffing a table for sure. We went back home and played Boggle and Euchre...


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