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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Well just an update on the Jinglebell Run. My official time was 55:57, so 2 seconds slower that I thought.

I am the guy in the royal blue pants and the yellow headband in the photos. As a bike racer I pinned my number in the back…I guess in running you don’t do that.

Took the lead here from some bozo who just wanted to lead a little bit!

Look who’s leading, commandingly!

Still leading here!

Held it to about here!

Digestive issues seem to be going away. I’ve ate minimal (less that 1000 calories) of solid food since Saturday evening. Today I tried some crackers and ice cream and am doing well. Being sick is an easy way to drop 11 pounds though, I am at an all time low, even after I spent the last 36 hours hydrating as much as possible (1.5-2 gallons of fluid each day.) Not eating for 4+ days makes me realize A. how much I enjoy food and B. how much I don’t need to eat as although I had some hunger pangs a lot of that could be offset with water, apple juice or chicken broth.

Tomorrow night is the big Pacific Cycle Christmas party. We go to the most uppity place in Madison, the Blackhawk Country Club. Phat Phunktion is playing an exclusive gig at the party too! According to Yahoo they are a Funk band. I think I’ve seen them a couple times before but I can't really remember. Anyways, it should pretty entertaining since free cocktails start at 6pm and the Phunktion not until 8:30. My guess is that there will be more than a few rough Pacific Cycle Saturdays for employees! Thank god for Saturday NFL games in December.

Still awaiting Popeye’s test results. I went to the Russell house today, scary! I think Russ left a bunch of his groceries and stuff. And he left like a saw in the living room and lumber. Nice condtions for the Riz. Riz hasn't sprawled the house into his own yet though...but I expect that for the next 4 months it will be Riztastic! He's at least using the garage and garage door. What a sweet deal! Oh yeah, Riz sucks! He's is so going down this weekend! He may have won the division but he's going to get stomped! Anyone doing anything on Saturday in the PM? Maybe some lazy afternoon games or something? I'd like to keep it chill and I won't see many of my friends the next couple of weeks so we should hook it up! I wonder what Hez is doing right now?


  • I had something similar last year about this time of year (the no food plan for several days, and restless sleep as well), which I figured was flu due to the accompanying low grade fever. Good way to shed poundage I suppose, but not a comfortable way to do it.

    I hear Blackhawk is pretty swanky... I used to be on a bowling team with one of the managers there, try the roast beef!

    Today's random thought for the day: how do the holiday Cheetos turn your tongue green? At first I thought they must be green on the inside, but then I tried them... They don't look green on the inside or anything, so I have to believe they're taking advantage of a chemical reaction from enzymes in your saliva that makes something green from something nongreen. Biochemistry is cool! And I'm still a turnip!


    By Anonymous hit_on_hard_13, at 12/15/2005 5:36 PM  

  • Congrats on the lead. I didn't realize how wonderful that must have been to run on. I'm down for something on Saturday, give me a jingle!

    By Blogger Riz, at 12/16/2005 7:33 AM  

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