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Friday, December 01, 2006

30 days...

That's all it is, 30 days! For the record, I haven't had fast food in 30 days...yeah, that is how short 30 days is. In other terms I can say I am getting married THIS month! Yeah, so much to do so little time, right? Actually we've got quite a good grasp on things right now. Of course there are always obstacles in planning any event and we are working through some of those but for the most part we are good to go!

Weekend is coming...nothing scheduled...lots of ideas though so we'll see what prevails and what doesn't. I'll be watching some football on Sunday, that's for sure!

I hope all is well with everyone and I'll shout at you soon!

Oh yeah, check this won't be dissappointed!!! Make sure you watch the whole thing to the's legendary!!!


  • Good Gosh almighty, I done wet my britches, I am sick, I think I'm gonna throw up

    By Anonymous kelson, at 12/02/2006 9:16 AM  

  • What do you consider fast food? I know like Taco Bell and McDonald's are fast food. But are restaurants like Qdoba or Noodles considered fast food?

    By Anonymous Beth, at 12/11/2006 2:09 PM  

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