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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Random Stuff:

Our work donated like 75lbs of food to a food pantry which is pretty cool! But I went and looked through the food (no I wasn’t hungry and looking for lunch) and I saw like 10 boxes of Kraft and 15 boxes of Roundys Mac & Cheese in there. I assume people that go to the food pantry aren’t very well off. I eat exclusively Kraft, because I like it so much I am willing to pay the extra $.20. But if you aren’t very well off which do you prefer?

I was eliminated from making our Fantasy Football playoffs. Last year I was the champ. Guh!!! I suck!

Get rad!

Ran into Barry Alvarez last night. Barry (not Alvarez,) Riz and I rocked the Quaker Steak last night, two of us (not me) even went Atomic to some extent. Whack! Barry even complained to the waitress that the Atomic Wings weren’t hot enough. I’d agree…he didn’t even break a sweat this time. I had a few wings (medium which means mild I guess) and one of the top 5 burgers in town (this ranking has yet to be established.)

From Kelson: “Hey, I almost forgot!! We had a free lunch at school today and I wandered in and wound up eating 7 soft tacos from Taco Bell. It was so hot!! I wish I had a blog”

Last night I parked in the garage. Makes for a nice morning!


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