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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I can’t seem to update my blog from home so I can’t use hi-res pictures. I’ve been trying to fix it but to no avail. Hopefully I can change that tonight so I can upload a couple of photos of what we got for Christmas. Anyways, time for the weekend update!

Happy 2006!!! I will have various lists of best of 2005 coming in the next couple of weeks so stay posted and comment a lot! We had a long weekend off of work so that was nice! What isn’t nice is next work holiday=Memorial Day. Guh!

Thursday night we saw the Bodeans in concert at the Barrymore. Good concert! I am not really a fan but I had a good time and all the true fans absolutely loved it!!! Friday I got up early for some hoops and was pretty much worthless after that! Oh yeah, we saw that movie Rumor Has It. Pretty decent for a chick flick, it kept us guessing, but kind of fizzled at the end. But it was very entertaining! Saturday was New Years Eve! We did a lot of cleaning and preparing (and more basketball for me) and we were ready to party around 5pm. A little Burger King and then people started to come over! Barry and I knocked a good amount of swill (See post below) and I think everyone had a good time! We had an intense game of some wagering trivia game that was fun. We played some Cranium Primo which is a definite upgrade! We then sang some karaoke, played some 80’s music trivia and almost missed midnight. We closed with a little Catchphrase. Special thanks to everyone who came and for bringing some good food! Special thanks to Dean and Barry for partying like was 1981 (with Schnapps that was from 1981.)

Sunday was met with a little headache (not very bad though.) I read the paper and cleaned up the mess from the night before and then we went to the Smulkas to watch the Packer game. We stayed and watched Green Bay win, then watched the movie Mr & Mrs Smith. A good movie, I think most everyone would enjoy it! We then went to Olive Garden (too busy) Nitty Gritty (closed) JT Whitneys! We came home and crashed! Then on to Monday and the domination of Auburn by Wisconsin! We also started a crazy jigsaw puzzle which now has two messed up pieces because of Chili. Last night was our first basketball game. We were up 8-0 and then pissed it away to lose like 47-36. We have a lot of things to work out but our biggest problem that I saw was that we had 10 people. No one played long enough to get into a flow or to learn how to work with others. Pretty crappy. Personally I was held scoreless (0-2, 2 fouls) but it seemed like I hardly played at all. 10 guys playing running time 20 minute halves…not a great idea…but that many committed and paid so who knows what the future will hold.

Now it is Tuesday, I am stuck at work, and my only solstice is that Wedding Crashers comes out today. Hope you all had an excellent New Years!


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