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Friday, January 05, 2007

I am off...

Sorry fans, no blogging for the next week. I just won’t find time or effort when I am busy sunning myself in the Caribbean. I am very excited for the honeymoon, it’s everything I need and want right now: time with Jess, time not at work, time with some close friends, time to celebrate my 30th birthday, time to catch up on puzzle books and movies, time to finish up getting fat for the winter so I can start to get skinny again, etc.

Yeah, next time I’ll post I’ll be 30…another decade. Man I am old! My metabolism crawls, my hair grays and my body aches more. Awesome!

Also I have some new blog ideas coming up so stay tuned.

Please check out the Taming if you are into grad school music right now. If you aren’t sure what music you are into, check this! I’ll work on my top songs of 2006 on the cruise. Rock on!


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